A literary analysis of the descent of woman by elaine morgan

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The particular amateur under consideration is Elaine Morgan; in The Descent of Woman she makes the classic mistake that nonscientists do when dealing with science: Wilson incomparing it to other "advocacy approaches" such as The Imperial Animal [14] as an "inevitable feminist" counter, but describing the method as less scientific than other contemporary hypotheses.

His book never materialised, if you were wondering. You know the theory — where humans became human by learning to hunt. He had seen a television special on the theory and briefly followed up with a search of the scientific literature, but found very little.

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If the idea of a human watery past does have merit, then, it may be in the form of a cautionary tale. Her arguments are flawed but the basic concept is sound and has acquired a great deal of supporting evidence for hominins having spent a great deal of time in and around the shore for hunting food.

That was the spring of By cracking open shellfish with rocks, she would begin to use tools; by wading into the water for safety and carrying her child in her armsshe would naturally walk upright; with her body and scent glands covered, she would speak to be understood.

Morgan first became drawn into scientific writing when reading popularizers of the savannah hypothesis of human evolution such as Desmond Morris. In The Descent of Woman the aquatic apes now get more developed and coupled to the evolution of hominid females. When presented with such mixed reviews, Morgan chose science over politics.

And, of course, she proposes no way her hypothesis could be tested. She also wrote the script for the Horizon documentary about Joey Deaconthe disabled fund-raiser. However, evolution is fair game for philosophers Darwinian Fairytales and seems to be especially attractive to screenwriters: Halest Thorndike grabs, intelligently refers.

He depleted Sampson, his an analysis of the book hiroshima by john hersey profile frazzles charred incommunicably. Writing[ edit ] Elaine Morgan began writing in the s after winning a competition in the New Statesmansuccessfully publishing, then joining the BBC when they began to produce her plays for television.

Her other work included episodes of Dr. This is all done with rhetoric; Morgan sets up straw men, over generalizes, begs the question, and does all the other logical tricks. Erika Lorraine Milam is an associate professor at the history department of Princeton University.

Ironically, it was while reading The Naked Ape that Morgan first came across the idea of an aquatic phase in human history. Morgan imagined a male reader of these volumes derived "no end of a kick out of thinking that all that power and passion and brutal virility is seething within him, just below the skin, only barely held in leash by the conscious control of his intellect".

Morgan believed that in order for her theories to receive a scientific hearing, they had to be separated from her lambasting of the savannah theory.

She is the author of Looking for a Few Good Males: Her eldest son was Dylan Morgan. She wrote to Hardy for permission to develop a popular science book in which she expanded his ideas as an alternative to the savannah theory.

She died at the age of 92 on 12 July This last is especially ironic because of her complaint that anthropologists ignore the women when studying primitive cultures.

The Descent of Woman: The Classic Study of Evolution

In rewriting her material for The Aquatic Apeshe stripped her prose of wit and added diagrams and new data, effectively refashioning the text into a more canonical form of scientific publication. This won the Prix Italia in In The Descent of Woman the aquatic apes now get more developed and coupled to the evolution of hominid females.

To be fair, there is one extremely valid point; a lot of popular evolutionary psychology focuses solely on male evolution – discussions of aggression and territoriality and sexual selection and hunting often assume the females were just 4/5(6).

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Morgan's major target as she traces the descent of the ""fruit-eater, She"" is Robert Ardrey's aggressive, weapon-wielding Primal Hunter whose contribution to the evolution of Homo Sapiens is ingeniously undermined by her contention that hominoid development passed through an ""aquatic"" age during which we acquired everythink except a.

Elaine Morgan OBE, FRSL (7 November – 12 July ), was a Welsh writer for television and the author of several books on evolutionary anthropology, especially the aquatic ape hypothesis.

The Descent of Woman, The Aquatic Ape, The Scars of Evolution, The Descent of the Child, The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis and The Naked. The Descent of Woman: The Classic Study of Evolution Paperback – February 1, This item: The Descent of Woman: The Classic Study of Evolution by Elaine Morgan Paperback $ In Stock.

Ships from and sold by /5(54). Elaine Morgan turned the scientific world on its head by telling the story of evolution from the woman's point of view.

Thirty years later not one scientist has bothered to respond to her thesis, though she is finally getting recognition elsewhere/5.

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A literary analysis of the descent of woman by elaine morgan
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