An analysis of formula one racing

Had it stayed dry, they likely would have taken pole position and probably the front row, and waltzed to their third Hungarian Grand Prix victory in four years. It will be tough for Daniil to make the jump after one season, especially with the radio restrictions for For Vettel and Ferrari what started as one of their strongest weekends, end in one podium and one DNF.

For the Ferraris, Vettel was supposed to be on a one stop strategy, while Raikkonen on a two stop, but the rain played havoc. Raikkonen was the first to pit around lap 14, from the ultra-soft compound to the soft compound, and he rejoined in fourth place, ahead of Hamilton.

Formula One F1 SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

How Kvyat compares against the stand out driver of will be one of a number of great storylines to follow next season. On lap 52, Vettel went through turn 10 a tricky corner, which had large amounts of standing water, leading to aquaplaning and eventually making him spin into the barriers at Turn Kvyat is currently down, Dan finished up.

An example of it was Silverstone, where his clash with Kimi sent both down the grid to the bottom of the pack, and both end up on the podium by the end of it.

By lap 46, when the rain was heavier, Vettel Raikkonen and Bottas stayed out on the slick tyres, since they were told it would last for a short period.

If one driver exits in Q1 track evolution may give a misleading comparison. The race start did not see much action until the ultra-soft tyres of their top 10 drivers started to give away, and cars had started to pit.

Sunday is forecast to be hot again, potentially even hotter than Friday, meaning track temperatures could again hit 60C. Mercedes who had Hamilton covered with the pole position, on a weekend where they came to with the third quickest car, redeemed their advantage on the race weekend.

The year-old reigning World Champion heads into the summer break with a point lead and five wins Vettel is a win short of equaling in the total. In their first season together Dan was, on average, 0. Valtteri Bottas who started second on the grid, was running second until lap 65, with the two Ferraris trailing closely less than half a second behind each other.

Instead Mercedes have locked out the front row ahead of the two silver cars. Raikkonen trails 40 points behind Vettel in third place with a total of points. However, the young Ferrari protege, lost out towards the last ten laps when the track dried up and finished 15th instead. A couple of conclusions jump out here, one of which is that Ricciardo is an exceptionally strong qualifier, as has become increasingly evident this season as he has outqualified Vettel in the dry.

Raikkonen took lead for a brief period until his team made him pit to ultra-soft tyres at lap 54, putting Hamilton into lead amidst the chaos. Their race will be all about whether the Honda has enough straight-line grunt to hold back the Ferrari-engined Haas pair.

The reduced lead and slow pitstop made him move out of Bottas pit window and harder to chase Hamilton.

How can Mercedes contain the faster Ferraris?

The incident between him and Vettel was investigated but no further action was taken. Sainz however ignored nine blue flags blocking Vettel, who was overlapping him.For race performance analysis we’re more interested in head to head record than points tally. Points rarely paint the whole picture (and sometimes present completely the wrong one), especially in a smaller team where one strong finish could skew the results.

Don't miss a Formula 1 moment – with the latest news, videos, standings and results. Go behind the scenes and get analysis straight from the paddock. The Briton claimed a 17 point lead, as he was blessed with some rain which caused his primary contender, Sebastian Vettel to crash out of the race.

Race Analysis: F1 German Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton won a chaotic German Grand Prix at the Hockenheimring circuit, starting from 14th on the grid, the furthest he has ever taken a.

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but he did set the first ever fastest lap in an F1 race for Haas. 7 days ago · Ferrari did all it could to try and keep Vettel in contention for victory in Singapore - only for the plan to backfire and cost him more ground in the title race.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

An analysis of formula one racing
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