Contractions and essays

One must remember, however, that German wir exists alongside Bavarian mir, or mia, with the same meaning. Because the use of contractions seems more informal, you should avoid them in any instance in which you want to portray a professional, respected image.

Contractions and essays you are reproducing an idiom that contains a contraction e. It is almost universally true that these spellings try to convey the way each word is pronounced, but it is rare to see language written that does not adhere to at least some of the rules of the official orthography.

These experiences are often a great topic to show how you manage to solve the problem and what you learned from them.

What colleges look for in your essay One of the main things schools use essay for is to help admissions officers distinguish applicants from each other. Several prepositions regularly contract with certain articles and pronouns.

How to Use Contractions in a College Essay

If you are writing about contractions e. It is not worth wasting your time making up things for your college app essay for the following reasons: Portuguese[ edit ] In Portuguesecontractions are common and much more numerous than those in Spanish.

Writing about failures can make a strong essay. The most frequently used of these contractions—usually consisting of two or three words contracted into one word, contain short, common and often monosyllabic words like jegdudegdethar or ikke.

Outside quotations, at least, they usually pay little attention to print more than the most commonly spoken contractions, so as not to degrade their readability. Use contractions in the following cases: Norwegian[ edit ] The use of contractions is not allowed in any form of standard Norwegian spelling, however, it is fairly common to shorten or contract words in spoken language.

It is best to start your entry sharing a real-life experience or a situation that demonstrates the point you are making about yourself.

These types of text may include fictional stories or novels, dialogue, or personal letters or emails. German[ edit ] In informal, spoken German prepositional phrasesone can often merge the preposition and the article ; for example, von dem becomes vom, zu dem becomes zum, or an das becomes ans.

If you are reproducing a direct quotation that contains a contraction e. Describe your personal experiences to demonstrate what you want to show about yourself to your target colleges and then give explanations what you learned in the process. However, some types of text benefit from the inclusion of contractions.

When working on a personal essay, contractions reflect the way you really speak. Do you have additional questions on the use of contractions? Without essays, they can see only your grades, test scores, and list of activities and achievements.

For a longer list of commonly used English contractions, see the post entitled Commonly Used Contractions.

About contractions in college essays

On the formal end of the spectrum, you have the scholarly writing you do for classroom assignments, theses and dissertations, and publications.

However, there is no need to apply to actual expletives. A contraction is the combination of two words into a shortened form with the omission of some internal letters and the use of an apostrophe. Make comparisons to personalize your essay. As well other words may be contracted the same these two, like quale, and other ones, etcetera.

Q. Can you use contractions when writing a paper APA style?

However, it is impossible to know what part they played in rejections and acceptances on an individual level. You can be candid and direct about your stories and how you felt during them.

Therein lies your answer. Avoid trying to sound too smart.


If you are making an off-the-cuff or informal remark within an otherwise formal paper, it is okay to use a contraction as part of your writing voice.

Thus, essays are important to show something original about you. In medieval texts unstressed words very often appear contracted: Spanish[ edit ] Contractions and essays has two mandatory phonetic contractions between prepositions and articles: On the informal end of the spectrum you have texts between friends.

Visited 16, times, 1 visits today. Using stories in college essays When you are writing a college app essay, using stories is the best way to impress the admissions committee. So, essays are the only factor that help distinguish candidates from each other.

Schools use essays to determine whether you are the right person for them, as well as learn more about your character and personality. Mostly, there are no binding orthographies for local dialects of German, hence writing is left to a great extent to authors and their publishers.Contractions are quite commonplace in today’s spoken and written English.

A contraction is the combination of two words into a shortened form with the omission of some internal letters and the use of an apostrophe.

I looked at the index in the APA 6th edition and scanned relevant sections. I could not find anything specific about the use of contractions in the manual.

We may use contractions in a friendly letter, for example, but they are not usually correct in more formal texts such as business letters or essays. If you have to write an essay in an exam, do not use contractions. Contractions are used mostly in speech and informal writing, and most teachers discourage their use in academic essays.

Contraction (grammar)

Contractions are also generally avoided in business reports and journal articles. On the other hand, college application essays should use correct punctuation and grammar except in the cases where the use of grammatical contractions is appropriate. For example, when a character in an essay needs to speak in an informal way, you can use contractions.

Contractions in Formal Writing: What's Allowed, What's Not by Chelsea Lee Asking whether you should use contractions in formal academic writing is sort of like asking whether you should wear a bathing suit to a party—it depends on the type of party.

Contractions and essays
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