Cosi is more than an entertaining

Acceptance is encouraged by society in every direction, but individuals must first accept themselves and believe in who they are in order for this to follow through.

Louis Nowra has wondefully and talented wrought complex thoughts and expressions into a curious, heart-warming, thought provoking and hilarious play. It draws the audience in as they become immersed in the lives of the cast.

The theatre is representative of the state of mind of the patients, and also the environment in which they are confined, which I think is a wonderful device- an an incredible juxtaposition when the crew starts rehearsing the colourful and vivacious COSI FAN TUTTE on the burnt and dilapidated stage.

We witness similar sadness in the life of one of the other patients, Ruth.

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The symbolism of the theatre being thrown into darkness represents his change. Cosi is more than a comedy. The revelation of the sadness felt by the characters helps to deepen our connection as we relate to them and see them as imperfect humans life ourselves.

Cosi further emphasises sadness in the lives of other patients, including Ruth. Cosi, is more than a comedy it truly endeavours to cover the journey of sadness which mental patients suffer. Firstly, Nowra allows us to question whether asylums are effective for treatment.

He learns his strength and finds out who he really is. The play also endeavours to reveal the sadness of the lives of the characters. These strengths stem from deep within the individual, and once found, become part of their own self.

The miserable image of the theatre is what opens the play, and the first impression that Lewis gains as he enters the world of the institution. More Essay Examples on Performance Rubric This illusion that Roy casts over Lewis, and the audience alike, is seen for what it truly is as we learn that the stories were all lies and what Roy never knew his mother.

Lewis himself takes over at the end, when he comforts the patients: I was in a production of it as Lewis. There is little hope that the mental patients will put on a good show, this again leads them to think they have little hope in their life and shows their true sadness.

Cosi Fan Tutte Essay

Cosi is a play that is filled with sadness as it keenly addresses the many problems institutions hold and the suffering they bring. The opera from which it is titled features in the production as both an outlet for escape and enlightenment, and a parallel.

Lewis must fully immerse himself in the world of the mental institution to complete his journey of acceptance. However, Cosi is much more than an examination of the effects of institutionalisation.

He experiences complete change in the darkness, and carries this change through when the lights come back. Along with the patients of the asylum we also come to realize the sadness with the life of the protagonist Lewis Riley. From this point within the play the audience feels sympathy for Ruth as they understand her sadness.

The fact that mental patients will be putting on an opera is very a hard notion to take in. In the darkness, he no longer sees the things he usually sees, or thinks the things he normally thinks.

Well done; four stars! We first encounter Lewis as a university drop-out who takes the directing job at the asylum. The play also demonstrates how it is sad at the end, how so many of the characters seemed to improve during the play but then afterwards some died, such as Henry.Sep 27,  · Please?:] Nowra shares more than just humour in Cosi ‘Cosi’ by Lewis Nowra is a humorous but tragic play.

Beneath the comedy, several ideas are explored through the narration of the play; through the life of the asylum patients, Nowra highlights the miserable reality they face daily, subtly making a statement about the poor treatment of the mentally ill.

Probably one of the more entertaining texts I read for VCE, Cosi tells the tale of a man who needs money and decides to work at a mental hospital to put on a play /5.

Cosi is more than an entertaining comedy. Through the play Cosi the audience witnesses the lives of mentally ill people unfold before them - Cosi is more than an entertaining comedy introduction. Louis Nowra has used black comedy within Cosi to allow the audience to abandon their pre-conceptions of ‘mad’ people and to see the characters not for their illness but for their personality.

May 31,  · Cosi, is more than a comedy it truly endeavours to cover the journey of sadness which mental patients suffer.

the voyage of sadness of the characters enables the audience to fully understand the concepts that take part in contributing to a sad life of many of the characters in Cosi, the play also shows the beneficial journey of many of the.

More Essay Examples on Feeling Rubric. When the group an individual is associated with doesn’t accept them, this may cause them to feel unwanted and unable to move forward in life.

Assessment Report English GA 3: Examination GENERAL COMMENTS The English For example, the second topic for Cosi was ‘Cosi is more than an entertaining comedy. It reveals the sadness of the lives of the characters.’ Discuss.

Cosi is more than an entertaining
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