Cut your coat according to ur cloth

Seeing others being rich and great one should not imagine oneself like them. On other occasions of celebrations and functions rich gifts are presented.

Of course, a company may raise a loan to expand or diversify its business. As horses age their teeth begin to project further forward each year and so their age can be estimated by checking how prominent the teeth are. Its complexity was such that it gave rise to the legend that whoever could undo it would become the ruler of Asia.

So this proverb instructs to live within our means and resources. One must build a castle on the ground… not in the air… with a strong foundation…that too within his means and ability so as it should stand last long. He will not be able to make a coat that requires more material than the cloth provided.

Our expenses should always be within the limits of our income. The sense of cut here is probably sever yourself from rather than reduce in size. A gift is given out of love and affection and so checking the quality of the gift is not a right thing to do.

This is an old English proverb which says that we should not ungrateful when we receive a gift. The form cut your eye teeth is also found. But it must do it judiciously; otherwise it will be in deep trouble. The proverb applies not only to individuals but also to business establishment.

A person who spends more than his income will soon fall into trouble.

Cut Your Coat According to Your Cloth

The phrase cut up rough is used by Dickens and the variant cut up savage now no longer in use by Thackeray. This proverb advises to cut and stitch the coat according to the cloth available in hand also warns that the size of the coat should not exceed the piece of the cloth in hand.

Thus harmony and proportion are very much essentials for income and expenditure. When we receive a gift the important thing is not the value of the object, but the fact that somebody wanted to make us feel special in life.Cut Your Coat According To Your Cloth Essay Search.

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cut from the same cloth of the same nature - Washington Post - The last thing a franchise needs is for the two most important men. cut (one's) coat according to (one's) cloth To shop or act in accordance with one's financial limitations.

You'll go bankrupt unless you start cutting your coat according to your cloth.

Cut your coat according to your cloth.

See also: accord, cloth, coat, cut cut one's coat according to one's cloth and cut one's coat to suit one's cloth Prov. to plan one's aims and activities in line with.

cut your coat according to your cloth definition: said to emphasize that someone should do as well as possible with the limited money they have. Learn more. Cut your coat according to your cloth. AM Shivam Annapure 5 Comments If you give a piece of cloth to a tailor to make a coat, the tailor will first measure the cloth and then decide what kind of coat has to be made out of it.

He will not be able to make a coat that requires more material than the cloth provided. Home Cut your coat __ to your cloth.

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cut coat according to cloth

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Cut your coat according to ur cloth
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