Editing services in new york city

I have been writing for 20 years and I am very serious about my craft. Learning grammar is not a typical task.

Editing Services near New York City, NEW YORK

I know that you will find this to be the case as well. My background also includes a University degree with English as my major, as well as experience in a major Insurance agency as an Account Representative.

My strengths are in careful and conscientious work and customer service. I was invited to participate in both phone screenings and in-person interviews.

I can do simple spelling and grammar checks, suggest major editing overhauls, or write copy for your new or growing business. However, what really makes my work stand out is that I am not just a proofreader and copy editor, but a published writer, which makes me the equivalent of a cat AND a dog, a jackalope, or some other combination of two entirely different species.

Please find my other qualifications online. I will work with you until you are happy with the results. I am a writer, researcher and teacher of writing. Request a quote LightWords Editorial Services About I provide expert editing and proofreading for all your communication needs: My computer coding background makes finding every single error quick and easy, resulting in a flawless text.

Our editors will take your document for spelling and grammar checking. I have also edited articles and training materials. I have been working there for six months.

You can save your precious time and money by submitting your documents to us. Retirement is for dead people.

Request a quote Eagle-Eyed Editor and Translator About Vast knowledge of editing and proofreading content in Spanish, as well as translating, in particular for the Media print and digital and Education sectors.

It is my goal to make your manuscript the best it can be. Let me edit or proofread your manuscript, web content, resume, etc. During these sessions, Tony helped me become aware of my phone presence, made suggestions regarding my delivery, and recommended that I stay on topic when answering questions, yet expand to emphasize my expertise in the field, when necessary.

Proof Read My File provides proofreading, essay editing, grammar check, online editing and professional proofreading services for students, scholars, writers and businessmen.The continuing education division at Hunter College in New York City offers a writing workshop in editing for self-editors.

Through this 6-session program, students learn to edit their own materials.

Top Tier Editing services provide complete Formatting into APA 6th Edition Style that includes title page, headings, subheadings, proper ultimedescente.com also provide APA formatting style plus standard editing for spelling, grammar, and mechanics. The Top New York City Editing and Proofreading Service We can help improve your writing.

ultimedescente.com offers top-quality proofreading and editing services to writers throughout New York City, from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building and across all five boroughs, who are looking for experienced professionals to review.

I love editing and proofreading! It is my goal to make your manuscript the best it can be. My background includes 25 years of teaching English and about 5 years working for Dell publishing company, where I assisted in editing manuscripts and provided freelance proofreading.

I have also edited articles and training materials. Do You Need a Video Editor in New York City, NY? Indigo Productions is a Leading NYC Video Editing Company.

Photo of WordsRU Proofreading and Editing Services - New York, NY, United States by Liz ultimedescente.comon: Lexington Ave Fl 14 New York, NY

Editing services in new york city
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