Effects of globalization on the nigerian

Even when globalization has been seen as good because it has prompted growth in developing countries, which has made humans life easier, its effect i will clearly states out weights the gain. The contested nature of the concept of globalization is part of the explanation for the confusion of so much of the public debate.

However, the circle operate both on the demand side and the supply side. A country is poor because it is under developed. The UK government believes that if well managed, the benefits of globalization for poor countries and people can substantially outweigh the cost especially in the longer term.

Globalization and Economic Development in Nigeria

The process is driven by technological advance and reduction in the costs of international transactions, raise the share of trade in the world pf production and increase the mobility of capital.

Globalization has become a whirl wind blowing across the world due to acceleration in information and communication technology thereby fostering more interactions as it shrinks the geographical boundaries of all countries into a global village.

But with this advancement comes problems. I remember my mother would tell us of how rude we were. What obstacles to development face Nigeria in the global community? To examine the effects of globalization on the Nigeria economy d. Globalization has brought positive and negative effect.

While culture on the other hand, is the recognition of good literature, enjoyment of good music, food and arts. Apart from the above the inherent cultural and social values, constitute major barriers to desired corresponding result in earnings.

As an African I would say that globalization has more negative effect than positive on our culture. Poverty, accompanied with its consummate terminal deceases has been rife.

The Effects of Globalization on Nigeria

However, the effect of globalization on developing and undeveloped countries can be vividly seen, as the developed nations i. Income per capita has been on the downward trend with no meaningful result from policy changes.

Most domestic policies such as taxation have international perspective and most international policies are in dimensions. This depends on the policies that governments and international institution pursue.

The study will assist the country on how to maximize the potential of globalization, in developing the Nigeria society. The reaction to the concept of globalization and its application to human development have been significantly more pronounced in the relationship between the developed richer western world which are the owners of the new technologies and the poor developing countries which are by and large the consumers of the capabilities.

The research study will be suggest ways of improving Nigeria economy by ways of suggesting how globalization can be use to develop the economy in the country. Inflation, unemployment, armed banditry and other vices continue to be on the increase, thereby inhibiting foreign trade investment.

This has created a new order of electronics telecommunication network, covering the world though cable satellite information super high way.The Impact of Globalization on the U.S. and Nigeria: A Comparative Perspective By July 26, “GLOBALIZATION” 1 Outline A) Introduction B) General Discussion 1.

Overview on Globalization. Globalization in USA and Nigeria: Myth and Realities Globalization in the US. But the reality is that, in my view, the polit­ical leadership of Nigeria has massively failed on virtually every single level.

In that sense, pointing to something called “globalization” as being a contributory factor to Nigeria’s developmental failure is. Globalization and Economic Development in Nigeria. He feels that both groups fails to see the total effects of globalization as both groups only focuses on the economics of the country.

“GLOBALIZATION AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA: AN ASSESSMENT. To examine the effects of globalization on the Nigeria economy. d. To identify the obstacles to globalization and economic development in Nigeria.

e. To suggest the possible strategies for curbing the and verse effects of globalization on Nigeria’s economic development in the globalized world. RESEARCH QUESTION.


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The Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization in Nigeria Globalization according to Clark and Wallace () refers to a “greater interconnectedness of the world’s financial, economic, technological, political, cultural, sociological, ecological, and geographical systems” (p.

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The importance, how to, effect causes relationship, comparison, history, role, solutions are discussed.

Effects of globalization on the nigerian
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