Essay about losing a best friend

So here I am my first year of college. My first memory of him was when we first got an award for something together in kindergarten. After the 4th time her heart had stopped and been resuscitated, we were told that her body was sustaining too much trauma from it, and the next time she crashed, we would have to say goodbye.

Losing a Best Friend Essay

No one ever made me feel so special just by saying my name. I am loud,short ,fat and dressed like a lumberjack he was tall and elegant and always dressed like GQ model.

It was a Monday, I was in middle school. I found myself alone and against the world in the foreign place called high school. Even thinking about the whole situation makes me want to cry, but I need to stay strong through it all.

A lady was driving under the influence hit her head on she died instantly. When I got to the office I find that the vice principle was at the hospital with Jessica and her family and that my issue would just have to wait.

But, it was a chance I was willing to take. We played her songs and talked to her since hearing is the last thing to go and I sang to her too. The last time I talked to her was the previous Saturday, she was so happy. I tried out for the dance team.

I realized how short life is and my priorities have done a I knew then that the entire time I struggled to be comfortable in this group of strangers was necessary for me to reach this fluid stage in my life. You can vent to your other friends who will undoubtedly take your side, you can feel really bad for awhile and maybe even cry at work.

July 18, at 5: I have an immense feeling of guilt over this. He left at 6: On the day of his memorial a book he ordered from amazon arrived and it was the weirdest thing we have ever experienced. The teachers were making their rounds consoling the kids. I got to school went to my locker like normal and then went to my homeroom where I sat and talked to my friend.

Hire Writer After they had allowed us to leave the room I went to my first class where everyone was talking about what had happened, how we were going to visit her in the hospital, and how we all expected her to be ok.

While in 7th and 8th grade, he was very intelligent and had no qualms letting everyone know. Jealousy got the best of her and she chose to take it the wrong way. I remember pushing through the crowd of kids circled around her lying on the ground. Today most of my high school friends see me as an older, wiser soul.

After that class I had gym, where again everyone was talking about it. Your lovers come in to your life at a certain time and you give what the other one needs.

Yet I was trying to grow beyond my own pain without Mildred. I truly do not remember how long it took me to adjust, I think it came about in stages and if there is any good that came out of it I could say that the pain and uncertainty help me to be a more compassionate person for those whom hurt.

There is nothing I can do to change the past even if I really wanted to. All I know is that I am so grateful I had a love like her in my life. And then I remember that just like the dissolution of a relationship, friendships are casualties of time. My friend, Brittany, came to me last year more stressed than ever.

When Your Best Friend Dies

I hate how this loss is belittled by so many people. Alyssa September 25, at 8: I am really upset and not sure what to do. If it were possible I know I wished a thousand times to understand why and now?

I remember her telling me how much she valued our friendship and that she loved me. When a relationship ends, it sort of makes sense.

Death: Losing a Friend and Learning

She died a year later beginning of her 10th grade year and my senior year. I got up from my chair along with a few good friends and walked out of the room.Over the last month or so, I’ve lost my best friend due to boys and lies.

I’ve never really talked to anyone about it either, but maybe I should have. Maybe all my feelings wouldn’t be bunched up inside me waiting to spew out at any given moment. If you have a suggestion about this website or are experiencing a problem with it, or if you need to report abuse on the site, please let us know.

We try to make the best site it can be, and we take your feedback very seriously. Please note that while we value your input, we cannot respond to every message. Losing her taught me not to take people or things for granted.

To not be judgmental of people, that was defiantly a lesson to our whole school that year. Life’s too short to worry about the negative things, to be angry, or to be mean to anyone.

In this essay I would like to take a better look at some of the simple things that we might take for granted when we think of our best friends.

A. May 24,  · We played every game together: dolls, and dominoes. We went many places together, from grandma's backyard to Atlantic City.

Today most of my high school friends see me as an older, wiser soul. I need not wonder why. It grows out of the experience of having a close companion, or really a girlfriend, so many years and. Essay on The Death of a Friend - The most prominent event that comes to mind is an event that everyone has had at least once in his or .

Essay about losing a best friend
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