Essay on falling standard of education in pakistan

Falling Education Standards in Pakistan

Now one can imagine that why the governmental system of education is being neglected throughout the country and why the establishment has allowed private sector with its tails up to introduce another standard of education.

We are still in this dilemma that what should be our primary language and secondary language in schools? By getting education man can come to know the ways that how he could be able to lead his life in the best and a possible way.

Now, the degrees are same but the scope of knowledge got by the two is too different to be compared. There is a set pattern of papers and books and also of lecture. The poor economy of the country cannot meet at once the demand of employment of the countrymen at once.

Language and mathematics are the foundation on which acquisition of other skills depends. Some are excellently done while other are only fair. Even the stability of political system is also due to the low quality education.

Being an educated person means you have access to optimal states of mind regardless of the situation you are in. Pakistan Secondary Education System: Here, students face many complications by studying under different curricula.

Further, no political intervention should be allowed in implementation of this policy. The country had got independence 58 years ago and the contribution imparted by this sector is a little bit worth to be mentioned.

Short essay on the Educational System of Pakistan

Students they days are not taking keen interest in their studies attentively and fairly because for slackness being allowed in the examinations. Country has been facing huge economical setbacks since its independence. Why should they undergo the pain of study when the door of un-pair means is wide open to them?

Adult literacy programmes should be implemented on urgent basis. InMohammadan Anglo College was established at Aligarh as to meet the demand of education of the Muslims of India.

Professionals from different fields including doctors, businessmen, engineers, lawyers etc. Here, instead of reinventing the wheel, we need to speedily begin the process of implementation after critically evaluating the detailed reports and recommendations made by specialist international and national teams.

This situation creates negative creation of thoughts in their minds; concluding, they come out as dacoits to waylay and let their names to be enlisted in criminal lists; and society faces much more troubles through this kind of restlessness.

Though much of the problem is due to poor teaching, yet curricula, texts, pedagogy and examination techniques also have a lot to do with the current situation. Standard of Education in Pakistan: This trend needs to be checked immediately.

They have made the university education almost impossible for poor and even lower middle class by increasing fees because they, having received education, start asking for jobs, and their legitimate rights.

Causes Of Falling Standard Of Education In Pakistan

Children are basically educated with religious teachings and have no knowledge or education about worldly subjects. They are much below the expected level.The falling standard of English, like any other subject, has its root in the depreciating trend found in education at a national level.

We tend to. Be familiar with one of the most swear problem in our educational sector and read this knowledge about Causes Of Falling Standard Of Education In.

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Education does not mean to get specific skill and get employment. So here we provided Essay on education in Pakistan. The education is delivery of knowledge and Skills from teacher to Student. The Education System In Pakistan Education Essay. By AMIR MUHAMMAD JAMAL KHAN. YEAR 0. Education plays an import role in the progress and development of.

the standard of education The standard of education in Pakistan is falling In a Continual manner due to locks of meaning and purpose. The planning for its developments battement and worth-while standard always remains up to in papers only.

Essay on of in education pakistan. Essay on falling standard of education in pakistan Keeping this in view, sir, syed ahmed khan aimed at to open a college for the muslims of india so that they may be able to get the best in higher education.

Essay on falling standard of education in pakistan
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