Evaluation of usaid training programs in

An activity also may be an intervention undertaken directly by Mission staff that contributes to a project, such as a policy dialogue. Each Mission and Washington OU must conduct an impact evaluation, if feasible, of any new, untested approach that is anticipated to be expanded in scale or scope through U.

Special consideration should be taken with regard to timing of contracts for impact evaluations. However, SOWs may differ for internal evaluations, for evaluations planned within an existing evaluation contract, or for more complicated impact evaluations.

This online training program allows you to learn at your own pace. Evaluation in Project MEL Plans The ADS defines a project as a set of complementary activities, over an established timeline and budget, intended to achieve a discrete development result i.

USAID has made particular efforts to provide explicit policy guidance, extensive training, and supportive technical assistance to establish these data collection and analysis systems into all aspects of program management.

Evaluations are driven by a real need for information which can be used by management to improve programs and policies. The process of developing the evaluation questions may even inform the decision to evaluate or not.

Evaluation questions are typically developed by the Development Objective team or Technical Office managing the strategy, project, or activity being evaluated in coordination with the Program Office, which will manage the evaluation in most cases.

In cases where impact evaluations are undertaken, it is a good practice to establish a parallel award at the inception of the intervention to accompany implementation. While completing these trainings does not guarantee an award of USAID funds, the information will allow you to focus your efforts towards pursuing opportunities that are most relevant to your organization.

Training Series On How To Work With USAID

Draft a strong Statement of Work SOW that is peer reviewed prior to finalizing; Develop an Independent Government Cost Estimate IGCE ; Commission the evaluation to allow partners several weeks to prepare and respond; Review proposals and select a finalist; Award the contract; Conduct the evaluation using high-quality methods; and Review, reflect upon, and act on the evaluation findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

This has helped to reverse the downward trend with evaluations done in FYa significant increase from the 79 evaluations completed in Planning an Evaluation Section 2 noted the various stages of the Program Cycle where Missions or Washington OUs should formally consider evaluation needs and requirements, including Mission-wide evaluation planning.

This section addresses the planning phase for an individual evaluation, from the decision to evaluate to the procurement of evaluation services.


Allow ample time for each e-module to load before beginning the training. Developing Good Evaluation Questions.

Missions should also consider the use of local evaluation contractors. In the case of potentially large, expensive, or lengthy evaluations particularly impact evaluationsan evaluability assessment may be a worthwhile investment prior to planning an evaluation.

This ongoing effort has made many changes in the way the Agency does business.Overview. Welcome to the e-version of the USAID Evaluation Toolkit! The Evaluation Toolkit: Curates the latest USAID guidance, tools, and templates for initiating, planning, managing, and learning from evaluations primarily for USAID staff members who are involved in any phase of the evaluation process.

Sector Programs & Strategies. Contact Persons: Ash Hartwell [email protected] and Mitch Kirby [email protected] SECTOR PROGRAMS AND FINANCING Ash Hartwell with David Evans, Richard Sack, May Rihani and team facilitators. MEASURE Evaluation staff have contributed technical content to online courses, some of which are available through USAID's Global Health e-Learning Center.

MEASURE Evaluation also offers a certificate course in M&E of. Over the past 11 years, USAID has embraced new evaluation and review models to ensure the use of robust and accurate data in performance planning and reporting.

USAID has made particular efforts to provide explicit policy guidance, extensive training, and supportive technical assistance to establish.

MEASURE Evaluation is funded by USAID to strengthen capacity in developing countries to gather, interpret, and use data to improve health. We create tools and approaches for rigorous evaluations, providing evidence to address health challenges. Welcome to our training series on “How to Work with USAID.

or monitoring and evaluation plan. The majority of USAID's funds are awarded competitively through grants, cooperative agreements, or contracts. While USAID does accept unsolicited proposals and applications, due to limited resources for even the best of such proposals and.

Evaluation of usaid training programs in
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