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School Transcripts Arrange to have all official secondary and post-secondary transcripts sent directly from your schools to FIT. Remember this application is mainly about your portfolio. Fashion merchandising combines both my creative outlook on styles and trends and my mathematic skills.

Along with this, working the cash register and getting a glimpse into the business aspects of the fashion industry intrigued me. What makes you a perfect candidate for FIT?

Undergraduate Admissions

Throughout my adolescence, I have faced challenges academically and emotionally in the normative struggle for self-identity. Perhaps something personal led you to deciding on a career in design. One of the first experiences which emphasized my passion for a career in fashion was when I helped my Grandmother at her thrift store my summer of eighth grade.

This positive fit nyc college essay and feeling of achievement made me realize that I might have a natural talent for fashion.

The business behind fashion is the perfect path for me to follow, and the Fashion Institute of Technology is the perfect place for me to pursue it. Fashion Institute of Technology Office of Admissions, Room C West 27th Street New York City FIT will only accept academic documents that have been officially attested bearing the stamp and signature of the Registrar or designated officer and placed in a sealed envelope by the issuing institution or awarding authority.

As an alternative to mailing, FIT will accept electronic transcripts from the following approved vendors: I remember feeling excitement and a sense of accomplishment the first time I put together an outfit for myself. This Chanel quote encompasses my personal view of fashion.

Remember, they read thousands of these things, and who even knows if they read each word. I know this because my energy already affects the wait staff I work with in such a way that we all satisfy our customers and work together as a team. Your essay should answer the following questions: The most significant experience and the learning that ensured that this was the right career path for me, was my summer at Pratt Institute, there I took classes in the fashion design department.

Martins for a Masters, but double check before you mention the other school, and of course only mention it only if you Really plan to do it. However, as I matured, and gained introspective intelligence, I was able to better understand myself, my strengths, and areas needing improvement.

My responsibilities were to help conceptualize the fashions we created and to manage the business side of things. My leadership quality has been attained through coping with family hardships since a very young age.

More importantly, the program I attended at Pratt Institute gave me the confidence and independence I need to go on to perform what I really desire to do. I would be sincerely honored to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology.

For this reason, I believe it is central for me to work with what fascinates me. I would create a positive atmosphere within my workplace to get the ideas flowing. Please review the applicable notice s carefully.

No more than words, please. As a result of this, my grades have improved tremendously. At this juncture in my life, I feel that I am a confident and competent individual who would have a very successful college career at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

How to Apply Take a look. Please do not submit any artwork with your application. Despite the intentions of my foreign exchange program to observe the enormous and beautifully constructed Duomo, I cannot ignore the fact that I am in the heart of a fashion capitol.Fashion Institute of Technology Admissions Essay Prompt: What makes you a perfect candidate for FIT?

Why are you interested in the major you are applying to? The essay is also your chance to tell us more about your experiences, activities. Top 5 New York City, NY college essay tutors.

How to Apply

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Also, FIT generally accepts students with at least a GPA (although your High School GPA is great, they will still factor in your college GPA heavily). So since FIT is a competitive school, I would advise you to try to raise your GPA before you apply. One of New York City’s premier public institutions, FIT is an internationally recognized college for design, fashion, art, communications, and business.

After receiving the initial confirmation from FIT, you will receive a second email providing an individualized link to submit your essay, and, if you are a transfer student, a list of your in-progress courses.

Nov 28,  · This college offers so many opportunities to enhance my understanding of fashion. Fashion merchandising combines both my creative outlook on styles and trends and my mathematic skills.

The business behind fashion is the perfect path for me to follow, and the Fashion Institute of Technology is the perfect place for me to pursue it.

Fit nyc college essay
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