Flipkart supply chain

The inventory stocks are replenished when the inventory levels reach Reorder point ROP. Flipkart uses sales to predict the levels of inventory. Stocks are replenished every hours and in the back end the company records details of all the transactions.

This model makes sense for electronics since technology becomes obsolete very quickly. The warehouses are divided into multiple parts such as inventory, packaging, shipping etc. External contracts Ekart, will however, continue to offer warehousing solutions and end-to-end logistics and supply chain capabilities to its other clients.

Stops customer-to-customer courier operations Bengaluru, February 10 The new CEO of Flipkart, Kalyan Krishnamurthy, is initiating several changes in the operations of the e-commerce player. To bring in sharper focus on its core business model and make it nimbler, Flipkart is consolidating the operations of its logistics and supply chain arm, Ekart.

As an in-house logistics arm, Ekart has made Flipkart reach customers in the remotest corners of India, a vast network the company wanted to leverage as a customer courier service. Customer orders are filled via Inventory Management ot Just in time delivery depending on the availability of products Inventory Management: Under the FIFO method, shipment request is sent to a particular warehouse where the oldest inventory items are shipped first.

During the Big Billion Sale, over 20 per cent of the deliveries happened through such a delivery model. With increased penetration of internet services, the e-commerce business in India is forecasted to increase from 11 million customers to 30 million by InEkart had launched an alternative delivery model for last-mile connectivity with tie-ups with local kirana stores and Apollo medical shops.

Flipkart uses a Continuous review model. The company has partnered with postal companies for order tracking and reconcilation, Thus the customer is updated about the state of his order via email, website or text messages. If the product needs to be returned, it is done effectively and efficiently due to the companies partnership with the courier companies.

A Flipkart spokesperson told BusinessLine that the move will help the company bring greater precision to its commerce service, a critical requirement as sales expand at Flipkart. Seeing the prospects for growth, several new companies are going to enter the e-commerce market and a price war is unavoidable.

To offset the losses, Ekart is also taking on several third-party contracts, and plans to generate 50 per cent of its revenues from external clients, which at present is about 10 per cent. The company employs first in first out FIFO method for its inventory management.Jul 19,  · A LighTouch Studio Animated Video Works for Flipkart.

Flipkart End to End Supply Chain Management Animated Video. Contact: M: +91 E: [email protected] Supply Chain Concept Introduction In today's competitive business environment many firms face the arduous mission of managing their supply chain.

In an effort to gain competitive advantage, firms must make key decision involving logistics and operations management to move products and service across the supply chain. To bring in sharper focus on its core business model and make it nimbler, Flipkart is consolidating the operations of its logistics and supply chain arm, Ekart.

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Flipkart to consolidate logistics, supply chain

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The supply chain group is like the ugly step sister of Flipkart, the commerce platform and unlike the world of Cinderella, the ugly step sister. Supply Chain Management of Flipkart The company structure of Flipkart is divided into three broad categories. First is Product and Technology which is the core team of the company, second is Business Development which is related to sales and third is Operations which deals with the supply chain management of the.

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Flipkart supply chain
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