Importance of national festivals of india

Hussain fought for his right for days together. God helps those who depend upon Him. The ritual started after the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Importance of national festivals of india Nehru hoisted the flag here on 15th August as the country attained independence from the clutches of the British rule.

Songs are sung in his praise. At the state level, the Governor unfurls the flag in the state capital and also gives a speech highlighting topical issues facing the respective state.

Parade and flag hoisting ceremonies are also organized around the country. The day is celebrated to honour his ideologies and contribution towards the independence of our country. It is also known as Navratri and celebrated over a period of 9 nights. In Hindu religion, we are having a lot of gods and goddess.

This simple information might already be known to you and therefore, we will discuss even more relevant facts about our National Festivals in the following lines. Schools, colleges, offices and markets are decked up with flowers, balloons, flags and tri-colour drapes to add to the festive mood.

The day is celebrated as a mark of respect to the freedom fighters who fought selflessly for the freedom of our country. Celebrations also remind us of important days, or a great time in the year and give us an opportunity to celebrate and cherish those moments.

These can be considered festivals of national integration as they bring together the whole nation in a shared experience.

There are several functions that are organized to mark the celebrations. Every religion in our country has festivals that are related to their beliefs as well as some mythological event and involves different kinds of rights and rituals being performed. The festivals are not really for just holidays.

He had said that sanitation is more important than democracy. The citizens of our country are seen immersed in the feeling of patriotism on all three festivals. Our country is the land of diversity and different communities belonging to different religions live here, therefore many festivals are celebrated regularly every year.

Republic Day Republic Day is celebrated every year on 26th January. In Bihar Chhath is a great festival. Prime Minister of India addresses the whole nation from Red Fort. The sun gives us light and also life.

If he does not, it will be a day of deep sorrow for him. To pay Tribute to the Freedom Fighters: Independence Day celebrations are also done to celebrate the spirit of freedom. All government offices, government institutions, agencies and educational institutes hold a similar ceremony with stately pomp and show.

A few facts related to 15th of August are given below. On this day colourful parade starts from Vijay Chowk which ends at the Red Fort. Along with other festivities national festivals are also celebrated with the same enthusiasm and fervour as our religious and other festivals.

The mass media is put to efficient use. There is no word to explain the importance of festival and these play an important part of life and need to be cherished to the best by every individual.

But he was killed while he was saying prayers. The farmers worship the sun, the earth and the cattle as thanksgiving for a bounteous harvest. These festivals are celebrated to honour our great leaders and get inspired by their deeds.

It is celebrated with much enthusiasm throughout the country to commemorate the event.Importance of Festivals in Life India is a land of fairs and festivals.

Our country is the land of diversity and different communities belonging to different religions live here, therefore many festivals are celebrated regularly every year. National festivals are celebrated to commemorate the occurrence of great historical events of national importance.

Such festivals inculcate a strong feeling of patriotism in the minds of Indians. India celebrates three National Festivals namely: Aug 15 - Independence Day, the red-letter day in the Indian calendar when India achieved freedom from the British rule on this day in the year The national festivals in any country are cherished as auspicious days.

Importance of National Festivals of India Essay

Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti are celebrated as National festivals of India. All the three National holidays are “independence” centric as they are connected to India’s freedom from British rule.

Importance Of National Festivals Of India. 3 National festivals Independence Day Independence Day, August 15, commemorates the day in when India achieved freedom from British rule.

The day is celebrated to commemorate the birth of the world`s biggest democracy as a national festival. 10 Lines on Importance of National Festivals of India (Short Essay - Words) National Festivals of India must be given due credit of uniting the whole Country for celebrating under one roof portraying National unity and patriotism.

India is a land of festivals.

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It celebrates numerous religious festivals and three national festivals. Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day and Independence Day are the three national festivals celebrated in .

Importance of national festivals of india
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