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A retail business for example a shoe shop will only have one kind of inventory and that is finished goods. JIT not only increases the work productivity but also saves the cost along with work performance and producing quality products.

Therefore, in order to have a complete JIT manufacturing system it is important to meet the demands of the market whenever needed. The costs to be considered are storage costs, labour, insurance as well as interest on unused inventory.

The beginnings of this production system are rooted in the historical situation that Toyota faced. The search for cheaper, more reliable suppliers has driven companies to manage their inventory more aggressively.

Just in Time Inventory Running head: They also made use of economic order quantities in terms of ordering and stocking the many parts needed to assemble a car. Over production wastes resources, a worker who spent time idle, waiting on the next item wastes time, and wastes associated with keeping stocks were identified as areas of waste to be eliminated.

Another important factor is the immediate elimination of any defects within the manufacturing process as there is little room for mistakes. They go on further to state that JIT is more than simply adopting a new discipline, but going that one step further to developing a striving for excellence philosophy which is embraced.

If you must have inventory, you must control it. The concept of JIT is to eliminate the wastes in the processes that are generated by not having the material necessary for operators to perform their job.

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The tools developed were an information card kanbandisplay board andan and error prevention poka yoke. Nevertheless the roots are traced back to their strong work ethic rather then sitting idle or wasting time in relaxation.

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The concepts consisted of Just In Time meaning that the production system moves items only when and, as they are needed. This writer is of the opinion that JIT is an ideal philosophy and cost saving technique for large manufacturing enterprises, however its practical application in other fields has to be adequately determined.

MRP is considered a top down inventory management process because ordering decisions are seen as dependent on production needs. An example though is to consider the disadvantage of having the supply chain disrupted.

Though the Japanese people were very hard working since the beginning even so, they did not achieve this stage of economic recognition in a day or two.Essays; Just in Time; Just in Time. 9 September Inventory; Inventory is an essential part of every business.

Without inventory a business cannot produce and will most likely not succeed. Inventory control is therefore as vital because it is about managing and controlling the working asset which aids the business.

The third method is.

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