Law firm case study assessment

By regularly reading the FT, the business pages and the legal press you will start to build up a clearer picture of the commercial world.

Assessors are looking at how candidates behave, react and conduct themselves in high-pressure situations, often involving negotiation. University careers services and websites can offer guidance on likely scenarios, providing simple examples of the type of case study that might be given to you, either individually or to solve as a group.

You also get access to a free personal MyLCN account. This is demanding work; you have to set out your interpretation of the evidence, both oral and written and the legal framework for your decisions. She advises wannabes to prepare some in advance. I applied for the position of Recorder because I am successful in my company, a senior partner at the top of my tree, and I wanted to find a new challenge, something to stretch me.

Plan your travel time and route to the assessment.

Law firm assessment centres: what to expect

This said, the other judges at the crown court are extremely helpful if ever I need any guidance. In-tray exercises In-tray exercises are also a component of law firm assessment days.

Psychometric tests Candidates are increasingly likely to encounter psychometric testing during the recruitment processes.

Law firms want candidates who are confident enough in themselves to go beyond the stock answers that they may have practiced and show their mental agility. Candidates are advised to find out what style of interview they will have, to help with interview preparation.

But their attraction is that they tend to be very good tools for predicting which applicant will go on to perform well in the role. The topic of the case study is likely to be relevant to the position applied for, and sometimes the assessor will use real cases the firm has worked on, with client identities disguised.

For more advice on this, read our feature on how to prepare for an assessment centre and what skills and behaviours you will need to demonstrate on the day.

Be prepared to show that you have thought about why you applied to the firm and that you can describe why it appeals to you.

More to the point, it is your responsibility as a judge to thread your way through all the evidence and legal complexities to make what are sometimes hard decisions. Some firms ask candidates to arrive at the assessment centre with a pre-prepared presentation, while others will only reveal the topic on the day and give candidates a short period of time in which to prepare.

Being in charge gives you a broader perspective. Also be prepared for questions on your presentation at the end. They assess not only that you can write grammatically correct sentences, but also that you can understand the meaning of a written passage. Which is why firms spend the first hour or so intentionally trying to help them relax so that they can show their potential.

Training contract assessment centre case study: 8 tips for winning at the City law end game

Frequently the topic of the presentation will be the recommendations the candidate has provided from a previous exercise, such as the case study. Testing times Verbal reasoning tests are widely used.

The law firm assessment day

Assessment centres are a formal selection process used to assess small groups of candidates for a role. The better prepared you are, the more confident you will feel. You must also plan your time well, and organise your sittings in advance.The law firm assessment day A written case study will typically feature something linked to the firm’s business.

For example, you might be given a true case scenario or real client problem and be asked how you would advise the client. In-tray exercises are also a component of law firm assessment days.

You’ll be given a selection of. Case Studies, Interviews and Vacation Scheme Resources We’ve compiled our best resources to help you prepare for your interviews, assessment centres and vacation schemes. In each case, click on the image to open the resource.

Vacation Scheme Work Log Law Firm Overview Plan – what makes a law firm different? Competency Interview Questions Plan Written Case Study 1 – Legal Analysis Written. A few years ago, a New York Trial Lawyer was really frustrated with his website and online presence. Then he had major success within months with Accelerate Now Law Firm Marketing.

Read this law firm marketing case study. Case studies of all levels of the judiciary are available on the JAC website. Scroll down for further interviews and case studies.

The following transcipts are from a series of interviews undertaken by the Law Society Gazette with the aim of challenging some of the myths surrounding judicial. Law Firm Case Studies From the courtroom to the boardroom, Cummins & White, LLP consistently wins cases.

Case studies

Our team of experienced and talented lawyers share a breadth of knowledge and expertise that make us well-suited for most any kind of case, and our firm’s continued dedication to legal education means that we never stop learning how to. offers a wide range of free downloadable resources such as whitepapers, case studies, and targeted analysis provided by industry leaders. Learn how an emerging law firm tool, data.

Law firm case study assessment
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