Pestle on singapore

Also the evidences show the slow down of outputs from the foreign drug factories and electronic exporters but the economists believed that even if the recession is happening, Singapore will walk out very quickly, because they estimate the domestic demand can pull it through.

Also Singapore is ranked the 8th most expensive country by the Global Property Guide. The slowdown is being experienced due to decrease in demand of electronics and technological products, so that imports are slowing down. The response from government defined this is the tool of preventing the corruption and governing efficiency to ensure Singaporean image as a world-class government.

The prediction of Singapore Politic will be the openness of politics should increase to the public. Also Freedom House rank Singapore as "partly free". The economy highly depends on exports, especially electronics and information technology products. The reason of that is after the "Depoliticize" the power structure inthe government is convinced by a concept that a city state without natural resources, if keeping the political centralized and narrow, the economic and political stability are maintained.

Government is attracting investments in high technological industries, such as: The numbers are insisting of domestic exports, non-oil exports, oil exports and re-exports. Because of the illiberal democratic affects the country image and the goodwill of the people and because of the mature economic and slow down of growth which is an impact on the trust worth of the government.

These policies help the dominance government controlled the local economics and majority of real-estate. However some of the policies consist of socialism, for example; the free education and government owned public housing. As the important transportation port, slowing production and declining demand of shipping indicates the general decline of Asian exports.

The Singaporean government is being actively involved in economy activities. This is an advance technology that implemented by the Singapore government to increase the value of Singapore as a trading center in Asia.

The growth in was Singapore is classed as a "Hybrid" country by the Economist intelligent unit because Singaporean politics is a mixture of bureaucracy and democracy. Also the government has monopolized or semi-monopolized certain industries like: The most competitive advantages of Singapore are: Although the economy is growing rapidly and increase of opportunities of: Economics Singaporean Economy is one of the best performers.

However, Singapore is famous for its anti- corruption policies which also are an attraction to foreign investment.Pestle Analysis Singapore In having the significant influence on the advancement of the technological tools and implementation for handling the operational and functional activities, Singapore is one of the leading sectors in business and technology.

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Singapore Pestle Analysis

Singapore Airlines is the national carrier of Singapore, which has an international presence, but a focus on the Asian and Australasian markets. Founded inthe Airline has grown and consolidated its position over the last forty years to become one of the world’s largest and most successful.

Capitalizing on the premium infrastructure of Singapore Changi hub: Singapore Airlines solely relies on international traffic and Singapore is a major transit hub for traffic from Indian-subcontinent and Middle East towards Australia and.

PESTLE Analysis.

Politics The political power is extremely centralized in the government and it is a bureaucratic country. Although the elections are being held often, the offices are mostly assigned instead of elected.5/5(2).

Transcript of PESTLE analysis of Singapore P E S T L E olitical conomical ocio-Cultural echnological egal nvironmental Government Stability Taxation Policy Trade Policy Trade Immigration and Inequality Language and Culture Education and Healthcare Information Society Technological Infrastructure EPI Government Resources 28th of Kyoto.

Pestle on singapore
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