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The downsides to 8. Its gun is a little inaccurate, but fires 26 rounds a minute and has excellent depression and elevation. The lack of penetration and armour limits its ability to be effective in anything other than a spotting role, unless you can take advantage of a gap in the lines and go artillery hunting.

The Type 59 is a shadow of its former self and almost never seen for sale. The one exception to this are special event vehicles, which are premium tanks given as rewards for missions and other competitions some examples are the StuG IV and the T28 Concept.

Wot chi nu kai matchmaking. Chi-nu kai review..

Many such as the IS-6 or Valentine II perform less well than regular tanks of their tier, and thus have preferential matchmaking which prevents them from facing vehicles of a much higher tier.

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Chi-Nu Kai preferential matchmaking

The tactic is frowned upon but permissible. The KV — a KV3 hull with a KV1 turret — was previously a beta-tester only tank, but in a change of heart Wargaming added a new version which has seen limited action in the web stores.

Knowledge of camouflage mechanics and good positions to go hull-down in while protected from artillery is essential, but the pay-off is rewarding.

Weak points of M4 Sherman

The matchmaker does balance the number of tanks in platoons, but not the weight of the platooned tanks. Special mention is given to the Pz. This rule may not apply, when the server is low populated.

The gun is a little weak in both penetration and damage compared with other Tier IV tanks. The second is crew training. The Tetrach is small, fast and packs a solid, high penetrating punch.

The Soviet KV-5 Heavy is occasionally seen in stores and in the right hands can be a devastating tank. Second, we have the Soviet T The B2 is unique in the fact it will only ever face Tier II to IV, so its relatively thin yet sloped 46mm of armour is rarely challenged.

TMC Archives Disclaimer — Depending on your territory some of these vehicles may not be available for sale at the time of writing.

Others may be limited edition, which are occasionally on sale.

Preferred matchmaking

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Orange - commander, gunner, loader Red - engine, fuel, transmission Green - vulnerable zones. World of Tanks Japanese Tank Guides On this page you will find all Japanesetank guides here on WoT Guru.

Each tank guide breaks down a specific tank into firepower, armor, mobility, miscellaneous attributes, and tactics to use to excel in that tank. Mar 16,  · Preferred matchmaking - posted in General Discussion: Is there a list of (premium) tanks and what tiers they will see? When you want to buy a (premium) tank it doesnt say which tiers they will see in the description.

Premium Tank Preferential Match Making Chart

Official Forum - World of Tanks Console V Chi Nu Kai - VI. V Matilda IV - VI. V Excelsior - VI. The Chi-Nu Kai is a premium tier 5 Japanese medium tank that is very frail but packs decent firepower.

This guide will be updated to include negative/positive aspects of this tank along with how to play it in a full written guide.


May 10,  · Chi-Nu Kai preferential matchmaking - posted in Archive: I bought the Chi-Nu Kai yesterday and I think its a great tank at Tier V. At Tier VI it isnt as good and at Tier VII it is just terrible. It can do some damage, but its armour is bad for even Tier V maybe even IV, so it doesnt stand a chance against them.

Matchmaker (WoT) Matchmaker (WoT) Jump to: navigation, search. Contents. 1 This article is outdated and but it is in the same battle tier as other tier 2 light tanks. Chi Nu Kai, ultimedescente.com IV hydrostat., SUI, The same thing happens when a tank with preferential match making is platooning with a normal tank.

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Wot chi nu kai matchmaking
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