Write a letter to ministry of manpower 2016

Yours sincerely, help with your donation become a volunteer Make a difference TWC2 is an organization that is dedicated to assisting low-wage migrant workers when they are in difficulty. Civil society is not demanding that you agree with us. Even though this is a widespread practice in the construction and marine industries, your Ministry chooses to turn a blind eye to it and deterrent measures to prevent such malpractices from happening are either non-existent or weak.

It is regrettable that politicians like you still engage in out of date knuckleduster politics. If not Singaporean will end up like first world Indonesia.

Yet, the agent was only prosecuted for not issuing receipts. As I can recall, your feedback on alleged abuses by employers are also being looked into. But the least you could do is not harass us when we speak up.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Manpower will continue to monitor the situation, and will further calibrate foreign manpower access if necessary, in future.

Laws and regulations are only meaningful and effective if they are enforced properly. This is not the case from the hundreds of workers that have approached the migrant worker NGOs for assistance. If the employers are found to have infringed the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, they will be dealt with accordingly.

I am disappointed that your Ministry chooses to pressurise NGOs and that you would personally sue a politician for speaking up publicly for workers, rather than engaging your dissenters in the spirit of democratic debate.

Interviewers fired me several questions based on what I wrote in my essay so I reckon you should only write things which you are confident to discuss.

The Government has to adopt a balance approach towards this issue and has given assurances to Singaporeans that the influx of foreigners will be increasingly controlled and limited, and measures to tighten the foreign workforce have been phased in since July The Ministry takes a serious view of employers who do not comply with our employment laws.

Jolovan Wham writes open letter to Manpower minister

Even though we have again and again surfaced issues that have been prominently reported in the news in the past month to your Ministry, the same old problems continue to fester, and your Ministry continues to issue platitudes to project a good but ultimately empty image of itself.

However, unless detailed, disaggregated data about the number of claims filed and the number of prosecutions are made available, progress cannot be measured. We understand your sentiment about foreign employees and we recognised that the issue of foreign employees is a controversial yet essential factor in the Singapore economy.

Where prosecutions happen, it is often widely publicised through the mainstream media. While we continue with our strong tripartite efforts to help employers improve their employment practices, MOM would not hesitate to take stern actions against errant employers and contractors that flout or disregard our employment laws.

Der Vorgang dauerte 6 Wochen. I am appalled that as staff of the ministry tasked with the formulation of labour policies for the workforce, they blindly follow and use whatever trendy buzzwords they encounter.

Dear Ministry of Manpower, As a true blue Singaporean, I would like to suggest to the MOM and the Government of Singapore to take immediate action by not allowing foreigners like the Phillippines to come to Singapore as a tourist and apply for a jobs in the service industry and approving their work pass to be able to stay on till whatever their contract expired.

They kept asking if I had "data" skills. Posted by webmaster on January 8, in Media CoverageNewsUncategorized Jolovan Wham rightwriting in his personal capacity, sent an open letter to Tan Chuan-Jin, acting minister for Manpower on 7 January Employers are also responsible for ensuring that workers are not subject to detrimental working conditions.

However, we do not have jurisdiction over the employment agency fees paid by workers in their home country. Despite repeated phone calls by the workers to the employer and the MOM officer in charge of the case, their pleas were not taken seriously.

However, it seems that the only follow up action was the issuance of a letter reminding employers about their obligations to adhere to our laws. In addition, the minimum qualifying salary and other criteria for S Pass and Employment Pass holders were raised to ensure S Pass and EP holders recruited are of good calibre, are able to contribute effectively to our economy, and to preserve a level playing field for Singaporeans.

In this senseits common sense that they are taking away our rice bowl. We cannot absolve ourselves and say that it has nothing to do with us. I am writing this to you hoping to have an immediate stop to this importing of tourists investing our Singaporeans job force.

Another example of poor enforcement in the area of placement fees was when workers from a Panasonic factory plant showed the MOM video evidence that the local agent had received fees that were more than what was legal.

Dear Minister, I am disappointed that you have decided to sue Dr Vincent Wijeysingha for exposing the limitations of your Ministry and its inability to effectively tackle the problems that migrant workers face.

You are to pick 1 of the 3 labour-related topics ageing workforce, threat of automation, changing work enviornments and churn out an essay which will be read by your interviewers before they meet you.

Numerous workers have complained about how your officers often conciliate against the standards established in our labour laws, and how some of your officers are either rude or indifferent to their plight. Even though your Ministry says that it has no jurisdiction over employment agency fees paid by workers in their home countries, it often ignores the fact that a substantial amount of this money is remitted to Singaporean recruiters and employers.

We are motivated by a sense of fairness and humanity, though our caseload often exceeds our means.Enter into a contract of service on or after 1 April Are covered by the Employment Act. If a new employee has signed a letter of employment but does not show up for work, what can an employer do?

Ministry of Manpower Facebook page Ministry of Manpower Linkedin page ultimedescente.com Jolovan Wham writes open letter to Manpower minister Posted by webmaster on January 8, in Media Coverage, News, Uncategorized Jolovan Wham (right), writing in his personal capacity, sent an open letter to Tan Chuan-Jin.

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Write a letter to ministry of manpower 2016
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