Write about all subsidiary books

So for example if the company has purchased units of soap from other company and returns 10 units of soaps due to some reason then this 10 units will be recorded in purchase return book Sales Return Book— Sales return book records all transactions which involve the return of goods by the customers to the company.

Is it commercial enough? I need to stop thinking so hard. As one can see from the above that subsidiary books are of many types and each one has its own significance as far as company is concerned and that is the reason why companies maintain write about all subsidiary books books so that they can classify various transactions easily, hence if company wants to see transaction pertaining to credit sales then company instead of looking at all transactions will look only in the sales book.

It could actually be okay. Petty Cash Book — It is a part of cash book but it is made separately in order to record all petty cash expenses like postage, stationary, and normal day to day to business expenses which are of an insignificant amount. Something bad has to happen.

Some interruption of the usual rules. Purchase Book — In this subsidiary book transactions related to credit purchase made by the company are recorded, however one should keep in mind that credit purchase of assets purchased by the company is not recorded in the purchase book rather only credit purchase of goods meant for the business is entered in the purchase book.

Focus on the process … the process is fun. But am I just going to be a memoir writer my whole life?! Actually I could see how this could be a pretty cool story.

Where is the drama, the adventure? Sales Book — In this subsidiary book all credit sales transaction are recorded, just like purchase book in sales book also only credit transaction related to goods are recorded while credit sale of assets is not recorded in the sales book. I probably need to not worry about that at this stage.

In accounting also if all transactions are put in 1 book then it will lead to confusion and that is the reason why subsidiary books are prepared. How would that even work?

Is that scope too narrow? I could write memoir! So for example if the customer purchases 10 boxes of shoes and returns 1 box of shoes then the entry of this 1 box sales return will be recorded in the sales return book by the company. What is at stake?

This is where I struggle. I have the beginning, but then what? What am I good at? Vinish Parikh August 28, If as a student you are given 1 book instead of 5 books covering the entire syllabus then it would be very confusing as in 1 book you will have all the subjects and you will not be able to classify the subject easily.

It would be fun to be writing a novel again.

Types of Subsidiary Books

For more on each of these strategies, check out my free book writing course, How to Write a Bookbut in brief, the four strategies are: You should always listen to your feelings. To relax and just write. Are there any stories that take place in multiple countries that are not military thrillers?

Bills Receivable Book — It records all the bills receivable received by the company from the customers to whom the company has made credit sales. But really, how much trouble can kids get into these days anyway?

Remind yourself the process is fun! Purchase Return Book — Purchase return book as the name suggests it records all transactions related to goods returned by the company to the seller from which the company has purchased goods. Cash book can be of 3 types one is simple cash book in which there is only one column that is cash column, second is two column cash book which cash column and discount column and third is three column cash book which has 3 columns that are cash, discount and bank column.

Or should I worry about it? Process is everything after all! I could do what Hemingway did and work more like a journalist, going to different countries, finding stories or characters, and then novelizing them.

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Write about all subsidiary books
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